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I got a lot of cool things in development, hence the reason for my productivity on the deviant side of things. I got 2 small comic book gigs and one cool long term comic gig in the works. I'm also started a small press printing company ( more details on that coming.) I using December to get a head on all my commissions and starting with the new year expect to see some work from a exciting new project called P.O.W. (Protectors Of Worlds.) I was hired on as a co-creator so I get to design the look and feel of the the book. I was kinda leary at first but this script has every thing a comic fan could want, cosmic crisis, galactic happening, traditional heroes, 80's cartoon feel, easy to follow plots and lots of room for me as the artist to do crazy cool stuff!! I'll fill you guy and gals in as more stuff unfolds. . . Thanks to everyone for the 9000 views!! Check out these latest HeroTOONS Ironman HeroTOON by AlanSchell Spiderman HeroTOON by AlanSchell Batman HeroTOON by AlanSchell
ART :iconalanschell: Ink & Color :iconthuddleston:  


Turn-arounds  $40 Oya Layout Commission by Thuddleston   Atom Family Commission by Thuddleston
     Action Shot  $40 Tigra by Thuddleston   Star Girl Commission by Thuddleston
     Bust $40 Spiderman Bust by Thuddleston  IRONMAN by Thuddleston
     Portrait Shot $60 Hawkman by Thuddleston  Green Arrow by Thuddleston
     Page Rate  $175 WHAT page by Thuddleston   BEYOND INFINITY PAGE 13 by Thuddleston
*Note: Includes
inks. Does NOT
include color.
I must be interested
the project.   

Group shot $70 Atom Family Commission 2 by Thuddleston  Marvel's 1st Family by Thuddleston
Three character
minimum $15
for each

Premium Poster $200              CAPTAIN AMERICA PREMIUM POSTER by Thuddleston
Note- Premium posters
encompasses a large
spectrum of a hero
or villain's career. Any
CoH customers please
have character history
available for reference.

COMING SOON- George Perez style Mega Poster 50-100 plus characters.

If your interested in a commission or want to inquire about a product not shown above, note me or send an email to I require a minimum of half of the commission cost up front.
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cleverdarkelve Featured By Owner Dec 11, 2007   Photographer
you are of course "The Shit"... amen! You Rock!
Raggletag Featured By Owner Nov 29, 2007
Awesome stuff, I especially love the new Iron Man at the top!

Have fun at Steel City Con if you still plan to attend. Unfortunately we have to pass on going this time, as we're on a self-imposed "money diet" after buying Rose a new computer and spending cash on Xmas gifts. It would cost us a good $90 to get to Pittsburgh between gas and tolls. :(

Good luck with the new business and comic!
Thuddleston Featured By Owner Nov 30, 2007  Professional Digital Artist
Well I'm hittin' most of the big shows on this side of the country so I'm bound to run into you and those kick ass costumes one day!!
wynnter89 Featured By Owner Nov 29, 2007
Thats what all the bad guys are for ?
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November 29, 2007